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የ ገጠር ልጅ
የ ገጠር ልጅ
Genre Amharic
Playing time Saturday: ...More
Running time 1:40
Starring ሰለሞን ሙሄ
ተሻለ ወርቁ
ሜላት ሰለሞን
Director ወንድወሰን ይሁብ እና እዉነት አሳሳከኝ
Writter ወንድወሰን ይሁብ
Producer በእዉነት ፊልም
Trailer Not available

Movie Daily Playing Time

Ethiopian Local Time Zone
Monday Not Playing
Tuesday Not Playing
Wednesday Not Playing
Thursday Not Playing
Friday 10:00,2:00
Saturday Not Playing
Sunday Not Playing
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Contact Information
(911) 11-88-35
Addis Ababa, Getu Commercial Building on the 6th f


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