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Manchester United Would Pay 300 Million Euros For Neymar

Manchester United would pay 300 million euros for Neymar

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Updated Aug 25, 2015

Manchester United will not be put off by the amount of money it would cost to sign Neymar from Barcelona, even if that means spending 300 million euros.

The Sun's Shaun Custis says that the English side would pay his 190 million euros release clause and the taxes that come with it so that they can make him into "the global face of the club."

He adds that Neymar would pocked around 100 million euros over five years at the club, too, but suggests that Neymar's potential in the marketing world would pay for the transfer.

There is, however, no confirmation of any form of bid from United yet and there is no way Barça would be prepared to lose Neymar after Pedro's exit.

Speaking on Monday night, Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu played down the rumours. "Neymar feels great at Barca," he explained. “We’ll have renewal talks later. We want him to stay for years and even to retire here.”

Despite that, The Sun still insist the Brazilian would be open to a Premier League move, where he would be the No.1 attraction, rather than part of Lionel Messi's support cast.

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