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EPL Doctors' Group Denounces 'unjust' Mourinho

EPL doctors' group denounces 'unjust' Mourinho

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Updated Aug 13, 2015

After only one weekend of the English Premier League season, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is in familiar territory: Embroiled in an irrational dispute and his conduct being denounced.

The unexpected target of Mourinho's ire is the club doctor whose eagerness to race onto the field to treat an apparently injured Chelsea player incensed the Portuguese coach.

Although Mourinho's spats with referees and media outlets are commonplace, he is now being condemned by medical professionals for the "unjust" axing of Dr. Eva Carneiro from her match-day role on the Chelsea bench and giving the impression of not prioritizing players' welfare.

"I was unhappy with my medical staff. They were impulsive and naive," Mourinho said after the game. "Whether you are a kit man, doctor or secretary on the bench you have to understand the game.

"You have to know you have one player less and to assist a player you must be sure he has a serious problem."

Frustrated at dropping two points at the start of Chelsea's title defence, Mourinho concluded that Hazard "did not have a serious problem."

But the Premier League Doctors Group issued a strong defence on behalf of Carneiro on Wednesday, saying the medics were clearly summoned by the referees to attend to Hazard. Refusing to go onto the field would have breached the doctor's duty to a patient, said Mark Gillett, the group's chairman who is West Bromwich Albion's performance director.

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